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« It is our choices…that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. »

- J. K. Rowling

And then the Lord provided, and my spirit rejoiced. He is my salvation.


It’s time to rise above those negative circumstances and believe what God says about you. You are blessed, favored, loved.

« A great fire burns within me, but no one stops to warm themselves at it, and passers-by only see a wisp of smoke »

- Vincent van Gogh (via apoetreflects)

(Source: journalofanobody)

For the Taurus Gemini Cusp

from: http://novareinna.com/constellation/gemini.html

"With regard to relationships, since the rulers of this cusp combination are Venus and Mercury, any love affair must be both physical and mental in origin. The practical applications of artistic ability and authorship are profound on this cusp and domestic life is best if financially secure and mentally stimulated. The elements of earth (associated with Taurus) and air (associated with Gemini) rarely blend well. Instead, each element will seek to find its own territory or outlet. Taurus/Gemini individuals are inclined to be richly sensual by nature and, if left alone or isolated, may well become deeply depressed. Projects that are many-faceted and require patience can help in the healing of hurts for this combination. If security is threatened, a nervousness and lack of mental grounding may occur and it is essential for these cuspians to guard the throat and upper respiratory tract since, under stress, these body parts become most vulnerable to attack.

The great strengths of the Taurus/Gemini combination are stability, perseverance, and both intellectual and conversational skills. These cuspians are able to analyze difficult ideas and communicate those ideas to others in a clear an concise manner. Their methodical determination enables them to be productive even when others have long since “given up the ghost.” There is a natural talent here to reason with others and this cusp combination is one of the strongest of the Zodiac when it comes to meeting goals…largely due to the inherent reliable persistence.

The most important lesson to be learned by Taurus/Gemini natives is that they should always be careful not to wear themselves out and realize that there are limits to what an individual can achieve in a short period of time. Additionally, it is important for them learn not to come on too strong and they also need to recognize the value of confronting personal fears and insecurities. As with all cusp individuals, these cuspians tend to be attracted to others born on the cusp…particularly those who fall within the Aries/Taurus and Sagittarius/Capricorn combinations.”

« Keep good company, read good books, love good things and cultivate soul and body as faithfully as you can »

- ― Louisa May Alcott (via psych-quotes)

« Even if I become the loneliest of the loneliest, there is still God. »

- Dr. Ali Shariati   (via muslim-latina)

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